Business Ethics Policy

Management of  PPH STANDARD Sp. z o.o. Having regard to the social issues is obliged to:


In terms of Respect for Human Rights

● Observance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Fundamental Principles of the International Labour Organisation.

● Support freedom of association.

● Oppose the force labour and children labour.

● Eliminate unlawful discrimination, persecution and violence.

● Ensure fair remuneration for work.

● Improve of working conditions.


In terms of Business ethics

●  Abide national and international regulations.

● Be fairs and responsible conduct in relations  with clients, counterparties and public authorities.   

● Comply with all applicable regulations relating to unfair competition.

● Act against corruption, extorting and forcing.

● Respect rights of local residents and cooperating with regional organizations and authorities.

● Educate, train and motivate employees to perform theirs obligations In a manners according to ethics principles.

● Continuous improvement of the application of Business Ethics Policy.   


The management and employees of the company are familiar with this Policy and commit to its implementation by setting and accomplishing the tasks and objectives of this Policy.