Environmental Policy

The aim of environmental Policy of  PPH STANDARD Sp. z o.o. is to minimize negative influence on environmental.

We declare and oblige to:

● Fulfill and abide environmental protection by legislative requirements.

● Supply products which do not have extensive influence on the environment and are safe when use as intended.

● Provide clients with information about safety usage, transport, storage and liquidation of the supplied products.

● Rational usage of electricity and other sources of energy.

● Rational management of water as a natural resource.

● Implement  all requirements of usage of environment which are connected with activity of company.

● Minimize generation of waste by using reusable packaging.

● Place on the market products in packaging which can be recycled.

● Dispose of generated waste in safe and responsible way.

● Make effort to prevent emergency situations with negative impact on the environment.

● Educate, train and motivate all employees to perform their obligations In a responsible way with environment in mind.

● Improve Environmental Policy constantly.


The management and employees of the company are familiar with this Policy and commit to its implementation by setting and accomplishing the tasks and objectives of his Policy