Quality Policy

PPH Standard Company is concerned to provide services which satisfy expectations and needs  of our customers and which are obedience to a law.

Standard, with its qualified employees, has a great experience in deliveries of raw materials and reagents for various branches of industry.
With a view to the further development of the company, we head not only for permanent increase of the sale on domestic and international markets, but our aim is also to strengthen our position on the market and to obtain our customer`s trust.
We wish to consolidate the image of Standard company as to be solid, reliable and concerned about our partner`s goods.
We realize that the intentions above are connected with prompt and complex services on a very high level.
The primary aim of Standard is to assure our present and forthcoming customers that the offered services and goods are compatible with their demands and expectations.
During realization ones we do oblige to the following:
  • Review and improvement of quality management system.
  • Constant perfectioning the level of offered goods.
  • Providing high grade of offered goods.
  • Prevention from making mistakes and reduction the number of claims.
  • Continuous skill`s upgrading of our employees.
  • Commitment  in quality matters on the part of the employees.
Employees are not only responsible for quality of their work, but also for quality of offered services. The adherence to aims of the quality policy ensure the success of our company.
To assure reliability our pursuits in serving high level services,  which meet constant demands of customers, we are commit to abide Quality Management System, which is in accordance with the norms of ISO 9001.
Management of Standard Ltd. declares that the rules of the policy presented above are enforced, understandable and obeyed  by all employees. The policy is accessible to all who are concerned.