House Holding and Cosmetic

Householding and cosmetic departments offer raw materials for production almost all types of detergents, cleaners and disinfection agents.

We also recommend substances used in the production of cosmetics for adults, children and infants skincare, hair care and colour cosmetics.

Our still expanding product list contains raw materials commonly used like surfactants, emulsifiers, emollients and solubilizers also specialized materials.

The quality of offered materials meets all specific requirements of detergent and cosmetic industry.

All materials have necessary documentation (REACH registration, declaration of origin, statements of BSE/TSE, GMO, CMR, tests on animals).

  • Activators,
  • Vegetable extracts,
  • Emollients,
  • Emulsifiers,
  • Enzymes,
  • UV filters,
  • Corrosion inhibitors,
  • Fragrances,
  • Preservatives,
  • Vegetable oils and butter,
  • Silicon oils,
  • Essential oils,
  • Solvents and solubilizers,
  • Active ingredients
  • Antibacterial substances
  • Surfactants:
    • Amphoteric surfactants,
    • Anionic surfactants,
    • Cationic surfactants,
    • Non-ionic surfactants,
  • Stabilizers,
  • Chelating agents,
  • Vitamines,
  • Waxes,
  • Optical Brighteners,
  • Fillers,
  • Thickeners, rheology modifiers, gel formers.
  • Professional and complex customer service
  • Just in time delivery
  • Top quality products